Holiday & Sickness Cover

Any successful business is likely to rely on a wide range of skilled and experienced individuals. You may very well have an efficient credit control department, but what would happen if a key person was away from work?

Often, this person will understand certain aspects of your business better than anyone else – including you!

What do you do when that person is suddenly of work ill or is away on holiday or maternity leave?

We can help you answer that question by offering short or long term support in most areas, including credit control and more. This means that, should you find yourself facing the absence of someone you depend upon, either due to a planned vacation or an unexpected sickness, we can step in to fill their role.

This can help your company in a number of ways. Most obviously, it means that we can substitute our knowledge and experience for that of the "in house" member of staff that you have come to depend on. 

Our holiday and sickness cover service can also help you minimise the resource cost to your business. While you might otherwise need to find, and pay, a temporary member of staff to fill the role, we can take over those responsibilities for you. Not only does this mean that you won't have to pay an extra wage, but it also saves you the time and resource cost involved in finding that temporary replacement.

Especially where sickness is concerned, you might need assistance on short notice - and in this instance it becomes even more challenging to find a suitable temporary member of staff. Our team, however, can fill those gaps, enabling your business to avoid the pitfalls of staff shortage and continue operating as it normally would.






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