Business Turnaround & Support Services

At some point in the lifetime of most businesses, challenges are faced which can threaten the very survival of the venture. Whether these challenges take the form of intense pressure from key creditors or other factors, what is critical is being able to effectively manage your cashflow.

At J Pullar & Co, we provide a range of business solutions to help directors and business owners overcome these problems. We can help our clients to have a clear understanding of the issues involved, so they can take decisive action.

Our services include helping to improve the quality and reliability of financial record keeping, producing management information such as cashflow budgets and reports and assisting with the preparation of information needed to support a request for lending.

This service can make the difference between continuation or closure of your business.



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    With over three decades of accounting and business experience, we offer a range of bespoke bookkeeping, accounting and personal services to our clients. Our dedicated team of hard-working, experienced staff is eager to help your business flourish.

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